Hi, let me introduce you to Nick Vujicic. This man was born without arms or legs, although this guy has less than most of us, he makes the most of what he has. This man probably makes more of what little he has than what most people do with everything they have. I realized that my wording earlier was confusing,  so I’ll keep it simple. Click read more and you will find out more about this amazing speaker. (Did I mention he was a public speaker? Huh, my bad. Well now you know.)

Photo Credit: Found through Google Images. http://www.johnmaxwelllive.com/2014/09/08/learn-more-about-nick-vujicic-pensacola-fl/

If you have never heard him speak before I would advise you to start with the video below. In the video, he starts off with jokes, this guy is soooo funny, then he talks about his life experience and how God changed his life and how he can change ours. He then challenges the audience to experience God.

Okay, let me stop for a second and just tell you that I think it’s impossible to describe how amazing this video and this guy are. I literally cried when I first saw this. It’s that touching. But the weird thing is i’s also funny. I honestly love this guy. I don’t know him personally and probably never will, but I honestly love him. You know what, just go watch the video. There’s nothing I can say that could ever really convey how I feel about this video. One last thing, I realize it’s a lengthy video, but I know for a fact that watching this is not wasting time. That’s it, go click play.

Author – Will Christopher
Editor – Hector Rivas


    1. Yes! I completely agree, he is completely inspiring and a great reminder that no matter life’s hardships you can always plant a rose despite of the dirty soil. If you liked this post, then check out the author’s website here: afunnychristian.weebly.com/


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